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When it comes to moving into a new home, one of the most important decisions is whether you will be hiring a moving company or doing it yourself. And if you’re willing to team up with your friends and haul your stuff to your new home, a truck for rent is a great option which will save you a lot of petrol and get your move done faster, rather than making multiple trips with your own car or pick-up.

Nowadays there are a variety of moving companies that offer their customers the option of ‘renting their own truck’ which is priced lower than the option of hiring movers and is definitely more affordable. You can choose this option freely if:

  • You are prepared to carry your furniture and other items.
  • You are on a tight budget that does not allow for changes.
  • You have plenty of friends who can help you with the lifting and assembling.
  • And obviously, if you have the confidence to drive a moving truck, which is bigger than your average car.

Points to consider when renting a moving truck

1. Choose the right company: This includes one that is reasonably priced, will either deliver the truck to your doorstep or allow pick up from somewhere near your home and will be clear and upfront about all the costing details (fuel, insurance, damage, etc.)

2. Choose the right truck: Most moving companies will help you decide the size of truck you need depending on the number of items you will be moving.

After this is decided, you should sit in the driver’s seat and gauge your own comfort level, maybe take the truck for a practice run once or twice before the move.

3. Pack your belongings well: Good packing makes for easy moving. Make sure your belongings are packed in the safest and easiest way to help you carry and move them.

Load the heavier and sturdier items at the bottom, so that their weight does not end up crushing other delicate stuff.

4. Make sure you are insured: Positive thinking is good, but foresight is better. Make sure you are insured in case of any accident or damages that might occur to you while moving.

5. Plan your route beforehand: There are some roads that do not allow trucks which is why you should plan two routes- one fixed and one alternative, in case of emergency.


Take care of minor points like:

  • Carry your license and your credit card on the day of the move.
  • If moving with pets, crate train them beforehand so you do not have a fidgety and anxious pet on D-day.
  • Make sure that the truck’s loading ramp functions properly.
  • Check your truck when you pick it up, so that you are not charged for any damages that were pre-existing.
  • Plan gas stops along your route if required.

If you make sure to follow all these point, I’m sure your move will be a smooth one.

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  1. i need a Howo trucks to hire with a capacity to carry 30tons per trip in a project at oyo and Edo state.
    will waiting for your timely response and further discussion.
    thank you


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