moving boxes
Moving boxes

All of us are excited when it comes to moving into a new house, but that feeling is quick to vanish when you look at the amount of stuff that you own and will need to pack before the move. But don’t worry, I have for you 10 tips that are guaranteed to ease your packing and home relocation experience, so you reach your new home with a smile on your face.

House Moving Tips

1. Pack a suitcase or a clear plastic box of essentials you will be needing as soon as you reach your new home. This includes 2-3 changes of clothes, toiletries, phone charger, chequebook, laptop and charger, basic kitchenware, toilet paper, towels and the like. If you have pets, then some pet food, their bowls and bedding are best left unpacked.

2. Sandwich bags, Ziploc pouches, saran wrap, sealing wrap can all be used to pack your jewellery, smaller metal items like screws and wall hangings that have been dismantled for transport. Wires and rods can also be stored in pouches.

Pro Tip: Take pictures of the wirings behind your TV orHome theatre, so that it is easier to reconnect them in your new home.

3. Cut down on boxes by using suitcases and baskets that you already have at home, to transport delicate items like china and crystal, cushioned between clothing or bubble wrap.

4. It is always a good option to leave the larger pieces of furniture to professional movers. Do some research before you choose one, and always make sure they have insurance to cover for any breakage that might occur.

5. All the clothes you have on hangers, can be packed as is, so that it is less of a headache to unpack them and they can be hung in the same organized state as before. Speaking of organized stuff, kitchen drawers can be a pain to pack, unless you have organizers to keep them in a specific order which can be packed as is.


6. Label all your boxes meticulously to prevent confusion and make for efficient moving, using colour codes if necessary. If not, you can stick to numbering the boxes, with a specific list that describes the contents by number of the box.

7. A move is a great time to get rid of stuff you don’t need, and if there are some things that you can’t just give away, you can consider putting them up on Ebay, Etsy or Craigslist. This should be done, 4-6 weeks before the move. Also, for any old clothes or books you do not wish to take with you, you can donate them to a nearby charity where someone in need could use it.

8. If you are moving long distance, you can ship out a few things that you won’t need urgently to reduce the load.

9. If you are about to rent out your old place, be sure to take pictures after all your stuff has been packed and moved, and the place cleaned out. It will give prospective tenants a good idea of what they should expect when they reach the place.

10. And finally, a tip for all your friends who will help you move your stuff, whether it is loading and unloading or using their vehicle to transport your suitcases. It is a good idea to keep snacks and refreshments handy at your new home, because unpacking is tiring work, and food can be your way of saying thanks to them. If not snacks, you can always call for some Pizza!

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