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Express Movers is a premium moving company in Lagos, Nigeria. We sell empty carton boxes and they come in different sizes. Our moving boxes are Affordable and durable.

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Carton boxes for packing

How many Moving boxes do you need for a Move?

Underestimating the number of moving boxes you need is a common home moving mistake.

The most time-consuming and arduous task of moving home is the packing, and your impending packing for your home move will undoubtedly throw many puzzles your way:

A) What type of carton boxes are best for moving home?

B) What packing materials do I need when moving home?

C) What are common packing mistakes and how do you avoid them?

Factors To Consider Before Estimating The Numbers of Carton Boxes Needed.

Number of Bedrooms: First thing to Put in consideration is the number of Bedrooms or Offices; is It a small studio, A bedroom or Self Contain or a 4 Bedroom Flat, The more the rooms inhabited the more boxes needed to Pack Items.

Number and type of People Living in The House: The number of people living or inhabiting the place determines the number of boxes need to pack everyone’s belonging; a particular number of boxes for each person and Apart from the number of people, It is widely known that Females have more luggage than the Males. Therefore you also have to put these in consideration also.

Relative Amount and Types of items in the House: This is the x-factor. Are you a minimalist or a collector? We all have different relationships to stuff.

The more hobbies, activities, interests you have the more stuff you’re likely to have some people hold on to every birthday card they’ve ever received. Others don’t even keep the presents. Embrace your stuff and get honest. Think about your relative amount of stuff by room. Break it down:

General Rule of Thumb: The longer you have lived in your home, the more stuff you will have accumulated. If you have lived in your home for more than five years. Also, check with your moving company to see if they buy back unused boxes or will give you a discount on used boxes.

How many carton boxes do I need to move a 1 Bedroom home?

Based on the needs of a couple in a 1 bedroom property, you will need, on average:

• 10 x Small moving Box (1.5 cu ft.)

• 5 x Medium moving Box (3cu ft.)

• 3 x Large Moving Box (4cu ft.)

How Many Moving Boxes do I need to move a 2-3-4 Bedroom home?

Using the statistics above you can use this to calculate the number and multiply it considering the above factors with that you should know if you should multiply and add extra or Reduce, It is all affected by considering the factors. 5 People living in a 3 bedroom flat can have lesser Luggage’s compared to 3 Girls living in a 3 Bedroom flat.

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How Many Carton boxes do I need to move a Office?

Depending on the size of company, this can’t be measured the same way we measured moving from a home because there are less Equipment available in a small office therefore for moving from such an office, you will need, on average:

• 3 x Small moving Box (1.5 cu ft.)

• 3x Medium moving Box (3cu ft.)

• 2 x Large Moving Box (4cu ft.)

To save all the hassle of calculating how many boxes you need to move a home and then having to source all the packing materials for your house relocation, why not just hire Express Movers to do all the hard work for you?

We will supply all the materials needed and pack your home contents in far less time than it would take you.

We have the skills to pack your delicate and precious items so that they do not get damaged during your home move, and we know the best packing materials to use. Without a doubt packing is the most stressful part of home relocation, leave it to the professionals if you want a stress-free home relocation.

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  1. Hello,

    We would like to have your quote for carton boxes of dimension:

    72cm x 55cm x 30cm.

    We require the boxes for packaging plant seeds and seedlings for export. We require moderate perforations on all the sides of the – 10 on each of the lengthwise sides and 6 on each of the width sides.

    Please send your quote, stating your minimum order, terms and conditions.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Christopher B. Ibuanokpe

  2. Hello. I’ll need 3x medium moving box (3cu. ft)
    I need quotation on those three and how fast will I received it after payment?

  3. Hi.. I need bulk boxes of 18″14″12 inches.. and also Deliverd.. if buying from 200 pieces..how much will it go for each..

  4. Pls send me a quote for the following description a cartoon that can contain 50 and 100 pairs of shoe respectively.


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